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Are you looking for Kerala Lottery Result? If Yes, you are in the perfect place! Here below you can find the result of 28.01.2023. The beautiful state of Kerala, God’s own country, has its own Lottery system. Kerala is one of the 13 states that have the permission for a Lottery. The Kerala State Lotteries include different kinds of lottery draws with different prize structures week after week and a few Bumper lottery series. There are mainly 7 weekly lotteries conducted by the Directorate of Kerala State Lottery.

Kerala Lottery Result

These are Pournima on Sunday, Win-Win on Monday, Sthree Sakthi on Tuesday, Akshaya on Wednesday, Karunya Plus on Thursday, Nirmal on Friday, and Karunya on Saturday. With this weekly series, the Kerala government also conducts six bumper lotteries.

The first prize of the Kerala Lottery or കേരള സംസ്ഥാന ഭാഗ്യക്കുറി നറുക്കെടുപ്പ് ഫലം is Rs. 80 Lakhs, while the second prize of this lottery is Rs. 5 lakhs. The 3rd prize is Rs. 1 lakh and there is a provision of a consolation prize of Rs. 8,000. The fourth and fifth prizes are Rs. 5,000 and Rs. 2,000 respectively. But all these prices may differ according to various Lottery Series.

The eligible winner candidates of the Kerala Lottery have to verify their winning tickets in intact form at the Kerala Government Gazette Office within 30 days of the date of the Kerala Lottery result announcement. Also, they need to bring some ID, to verify their identity.

In today’s fast and challenging life, everyone wants to grow Financially. This Lottery can change a life forever. But keep in mind that Lottery=Luck! There are so many examples are there.

Some of the popular Series of this Lottery are KARUNYA, NIRMAL, KARUNYA PLUS, AKSHAYA, STHREE-SAKTHI, WIN-WIN etc. You can see Kerala Lottery Result Today at

Kerala State Lotteries is a lottery program run by the Directorate of Kerala State Lotteries, Government of Kerala was Set up in the year 1967, under the lottery bureau of the Government of Kerala is the first of its kind in India. This office currently has around 465 representatives under its Directorate located at Vikas Bhavan at Thiruvananthapuram, 14 District Offices, and has a Regional Deputy Directorate at Ernakulam.

Kerala Weekly Lottery Name Wise Structure: Updated on 28.01.2023

DayLottery Name
Every SundayPOURNAMI Lottery
Every MondayWIN-WIN Lottery
Every TuesdayDHANASREE Lottery
Every WednesdayAKSHAYA Lottery
Every ThursdayKARUNYA PLUS Lottery
Every FridayBHAGYANIDHI Lottery
Every SaturdayKARUNYA Lottery

Kerala Lottery Result Chart: How to check?

Follow these steps given here to download & check Kerala Lottery Status or your Kerala lottery result:

  • Visit the official website of Kerala State Lotteries at
  • Click on the Kerala lottery results link given on the homepage
  • On the next page open, click on the Specific lottery series result link (View)
  • Check your lottery result from the next page open

Click here to Watch the Result of the Kerala Lottery directly | Kerala lottery quick view

Lottery in India

The Indian law authority has distinguished gambling into 2 main major categories – games of skill and the games of chance with games of skill. The lottery is classified as a game of chance in spite of some winners claiming that number systems may be used to predict the winning results.

Under the Lottery Act of 1998, section 2(b) defines ‘lottery’ as a scheme in whatever form and by whatever name called for the distribution of various prizes by lots of possibility to those persons participating in the chances of a prize by purchasing the tickets. 

According to an important decision regarding Lottery, made by the Supreme Court of India in the year 2015, each of the Indian states is given jurisdiction over the decision or choices as to whether lotteries are legal or illegal. At very present, there are only thirteen (13) states out of the 36 states (Including UT’s) of India where a lottery is legal. These states are:

  1. Arunachal Pradesh       
  2. Assam
  3. Goa     
  4. Kerala  
  5. Madhya Pradesh
  6. Maharashtra    
  7. Manipur          
  8. Meghalaya
  9. Mizoram          
  10. Nagaland
  11. Punjab
  12. Sikkim 
  13. West Bengal

Things to be done before claiming the lottery money:

Once you are done with winning the lottery ticket, you need to be careful about the money getting from the store where you bought the ticket. The things to be noted are,

The lottery ticket is to be protected: Take precautions to safeguard your winning lottery ticket before doing anything else. You’ll be right back where you started if you lose it and can’t establish you’re the rightful owner. Make physical and digital copies of the ticket at the very least, preferably in two locations: an encrypted cloud storage account and an external drive. Invest in a home lockbox or safe if necessary, or place the ticket in a bank safe deposit box.

Choose the correct time for claiming your price: After you’ve purchased your ticket, don’t hurry out to claim your prize. This is important for two reasons. First, claiming your ticket within a week of the announcement risks causing more of a commotion than necessary if your prize is large enough to draw media attention.

Second, and perhaps more crucially, giving yourself at least a week to claim your prize gives you plenty of time to prepare for whatever comes next. If you wish, you should be able to wait much longer than a week. Most lotteries give winners six to twelve months to claim their wins, but check the rules of the issuing authority to make sure you have as much time as you think you do.

Don’t share your details with others: The last thing you want is for your boss to start seeking a replacement after you’ve checked out and are about to go for good. Anyway, there’s a chance you’re holding the winning ticket in the wrong hand. It’s possible that the data is incorrect, or that you misinterpreted a vital digit.

As tempting as it may seem, the time between realizing you have a winning lottery ticket and stepping up to claim your prize is not the best time to quit your work. In fact, you shouldn’t tell anyone about your good fortune, save your personal family (except youngsters, who are likely to brag), and especially not your coworkers.

Find professionals to make yourself to the usage of money: You’re probably not a tax lawyer, a family law attorney, or a certified public accountant. If you win the lotto, you’ll need to quickly surround yourself with these four categories of specialists. You’re specifically looking for: A tax attorney who specializes in assisting high-net-worth individuals in minimizing their tax liability while avoiding IRS penalties. Family law or estate planning attorney who specializes in tailoring estate planning documents such as wills, trusts, and prenuptial agreements to the client’s specific needs. These documents can also be handled online through Trust & Will.

It is important to go to new places: You won’t be able to dodge people with their hands out once you claim your prize. You’ll hear from folks you haven’t thought of in years — distant cousins, long-lost buddies, college roommates, and even coworkers from five jobs ago — not to mention unethical financial advisers and lawyers. Change any phone numbers associated with your immediate family to new, unlisted numbers as soon as possible. Due to the large number of websites that have publicly available contact information for US people, completely delisting your address 

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