iPhone 16 is getting ready and here is everything about the iPhone 2024


iPhone 16

iPhone 16: The iPhone 16 will be launching this year in September and rumours about it have started surfacing online. Here is all we know about the 2024 iPhone.

Apple releases a new iPhone every year, but well before the official release, rumors and predictions regarding the smartphone circulate on the internet. We reviewed the iPhone 15 in September of last year, and while there were a few design changes, there were some major performance improvements.

The USB Type C charging connector and the Dynamic Island notch on all versions were two of the most loved features of the iPhone 15.

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iPhone 16 Launch Date in India

We are now less than a year away from the release of the iPhone 16, which is scheduled for September 2024. And rumor mills are busy predicting what the next iPhone will look like. Here’s all we know so far regarding Apple’s upcoming product.

iPhone 16

iPhone 16 expected remarkable design changes and chipset upgrades

The iPhone 16 series may feature minor design modifications. The Pro models, for example, will have slightly larger displays; 6.3 inches for the Pro and 6.9 inches for the Max, promising more immersive viewing experiences.

Then, the tech giant is expected to incorporate a new Capture Button in the Pro models, giving the device a real futuristic feel.

This Capture Button, unlike conventional buttons, does not physically move when pressed. Instead, it will feature haptic feedback, and when you touch it, you will feel a response. A force sensor is supposed to make the button sensitive to how hard you press it.

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Additionally, reports indicate that consumers will find it simpler to shoot movies with the Capture Button. According to reports, the button can begin recording video instantly, speeding up the procedure overall. This capture button will be conveniently accessible and positioned on the right side of the phone, according to a phone prototype.

Furthermore, the button may also have variable functions depending on how hard you press it. For instance, depressing the button more firmly could start a video recording, while depressing it less firmly might cause it to take photographs.

Additionally, rumors also there that, Apple may include the Action Button, which is included in the iPhone 15 Pro models, in the standard or normal iPhone 16.

Regarding performance expectations, it is possible that the A18 Bionic family CPUs may power the upcoming iPhone 16. While the A18 chipset is anticipated for the base iPhone 16, rumors indicate that the Pro models may use the A18 Pro chipset variant.

Battery and camera expectations

It’s interesting to note that sources also said Apple would be considering importing batteries from India for the iPhone 16. By diversifying its supply chain and possibly reducing production costs, this move could increase the accessibility of the iPhone 16 to a larger market.

Additionally, given that Apple is expected to have a larger battery capacity than the 2023 iPhone, the batteries may last longer.

In terms of camera expectations, the iPhone 16 Pro versions may include a “tetra-prism” telephoto lens with a 5x optical zoom for improved close-ups. The ultrawide camera could possibly get a resolution boost to 48MP, providing crisper, more detailed low-light images.

Furthermore, rumors suggest that the Pro models will feature a stacked sensor construction, similar to professional cameras, perhaps boosting Night Mode photography to new heights.

It is to be noted that these all are just leaks and rumors, and Apple’s final reveal could be different.

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