What Are The Prominent Differences Between IBPS Clerk and RRB Clerk?


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What Are The Prominent Differences Between IBPS Clerk and RRB Clerk? | The Major Difference Between IBPS and RRB Clerk: Detailed Information

What Are The Prominent Differences Between IBPS Clerk and RRB Clerk: Most candidates get confused when it comes to finding an ideal job option between IBPS and RRB Clerk. A candidate is regarded as an assistant if they are hired as a RRB clerk. Here, it needs to mention that the job profile remains quite similar for both of these job posts. The motto of this job work is all about interacting with customers and updating passbooks. To put it in simple words, it is regarded as being an ideal font desk job. You probably have to do the same work since these posts are the same indeed.

How Much Salary You Would Be Receiving?

Moreover, the next point is related to salary. You want to know how much salary you would be receiving for being hired on this job post. Talking about salary oriented difference, it probably depends on the factor where you are supposed to get posted.

  • Generally, the pay scale of being hired as an IBPS clerk is in between INR 11765-31540. 
  • On the other hand, an ideal IBPS RRB clerk pay scale upon being hired is between INR 7200-19300. Moreover, it is quite similar to the pay scale of an IBPS RRB Office Assistant.

How These Both Recruitment Exams Are Different From Each Other?

Have you been wondering about the difference in the context of recruitment exams? Talking about one of the major differences between IBPS and RRB Clerk job post, it goes to its selection procedure test.

  • In the context of IBPS RRB Exams, there could be excellent benefits for candidates not good at the English Language. You may attempt a prelims exam in the subject of any of these English/Hindi or any local language.
  • There are two prelims-oriented prominent subjects called Reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude. IBPS and RRB Main exam aspirants can go ahead to choose any language in the test whether it is English or Hindi. You may get the expected dream job after getting higher IBPS RRB clerk marks.
  • On the other hand, candidates are supposed to go for the English Language section whether it is about prelims or the main test.

What About The Workload You Are Supposed To Have?

Have you been wondering what sort of workload you are going to have? It is one of the most asked questions among the youth. In addition, the reason is that job postings and workloads are quite similar. And workload goes quite similar in both job profiles.

To put it in simple words, the workload is quite less if you are hired in RRB in comparison to commercial banks. Therefore, it could be said that your salary also depends on the factor where you are hired. If you have always been in love related to banking jobs then you would be enjoying it a lot.

Career Progression: How Does It Go?

Once you get hired, you also need to make sure that career progression is done indeed. You should keep this thing in mind. The career scope is another important factor on the list which helps a candidate to make an ideal choice that what pay scale would be better indeed. Your career oriented success would be quite better as well as much faster in the context of Scheduled commercial banks in comparison to RRB.

A candidate is required to get selected in the form of a clerk job post in scheduled commercial banks since you can easily approach up to scale-5th within the stipulated time of 15 years going with timely promotion indeed. Moreover, the same does not go when it comes to IBPS RRB because of its much slower process.

Postings: What More About It?

Here, it needs to mention that the job posting in RRB is much better compared to PSBs. On other hand, this does not go with the IBPS clerk job post at all. Here, we would like to mention that several branches do come in the context of PSBs and therefore chances get thinner.

We hope that the above-mentioned steps have helped you to figure out what decision would be better. Here, it needs to mention these both jobs are accomplished in the context of a job aspirant supposed to have their dream job in this sector. Well, the factor cannot be ignored if you are supposed to be determined as well as hard-working towards your job.

And The Final Call –

We would like to suggest you go through all these points carefully to understand which job is most suitable.

Wishing you best Future!

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