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Threads in the newest social app launched by Instagram. Inc on 6th July 2023. In this article, we have covered the most trending question “What is Threads”.

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook.Inc (now Meta) has introduced “Threads” claiming as a “New way for a conversation on Instagram“.

But just using the I feels that it’s a Twitter-like social platform, with short posts and images. You can log in to THREAD with your existing Instagram account. After login, you will be asked to import data from your Instagram account, such as the following, Bio, Profile Picture.

You can see posts from only people you follow just like Twitter. People are just struggling to figure out what is the use of this brand-new product from Mark Zuckerberg.

Meta, which owns Facebook and Instagram, called the new app an “initial version”, with extra features planned including the ability to interact with people on other social media apps like Mastodon.

“Our vision with Threads is to take what Instagram does best and expand that to text,” the firm said prior to its launch.

what is threads

What is Threads? How THREADs works?

Posts on Threads can be shared to Instagram and vice versa and may contain links, images, and five-minute videos. You can post Texts with 500 characters.

However, several early Wednesday users reported issues with image uploading, suggesting that there may be teething issues.

Users receive recommended content as well as a stream of “threads”—as Meta refers to posts—from users they follow.

They can limit who is allowed to “mention” them and block comments that contain certain words.

Other profiles can also be unfollowed, blocked, restricted, or reported, and any accounts users block on Instagram are instantly blocked on Thread.

While media attention has centered on Meta’s connections to Instagram, some investors have called the program a “Twitter killer” due to its resemblance to Twitter.

Simultaneously it ha released on Google Play Store and also on the Apple apps store. It just passes 2 million downloads from the Apps Store in just 2hrs. So, what are you waiting for? Go and download THREAD and start enjoying.

At launch, Threads is accessible on iOS and Android in 100 nations, but not in the EU, purportedly because of worries about complying with local data privacy laws.

The username and verification status of users who log in using their Instagram credentials will be carried across. However, individual Threads profiles can also be altered.

Threads In 2019 – 2021

It’s interesting to note that Instagram has previously tried to create an app named Thread.

Instagram released Threads in 2019 as a messaging app focused on cameras for sharing images, videos, and status updates with a small group of pals.


It’s difficult to convince users to sign up for a new app, but it’s much simpler than getting them to stick around. The firm is relying on the same algorithmic mix to attract users to the app and keep them there by forgoing a chronological feed with Thread or even a feed exclusively for users you follow.

It’s sad that Threads doesn’t immediately copy Twitter’s best feature: a clean timeline free of algorithmic clutter. These days, there are disclaimers attached to every Twitter imitation, and that is undoubtedly a significant one. Read more like this here

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