5+1 Types of New Jobs that AI Could Create in 2024


Types of New Jobs that AI Could Create

Types of New Jobs that AI Could Create: As the field of artificial intelligence (AI) continues to advance rapidly, it brings about numerous opportunities for job creation. AI technology is expected to revolutionize several industries, opening up exciting prospects for those interested in AI-based jobs, data science, and other new technology roles.

According to an important report released in September 2023 by the World Economic Forum, telemarketers, credit authorizers, statistical assistants, and bank tellers are among the roles most at risk of being replaced by AI someday. 

The report, which has analyzed more than 19,000 job tasks across 867 occupations and assessed their exposure to AI, also detailed several areas where there is room for AI job development in the years ahead.

Everything About Artificial Intelligence in 2024

In this blog article, we will explore five types of new jobs that AI could create by the year 2024, presenting potential career paths for individuals with an interest in this cutting-edge field of AI-based jobs.

5+1 Types of New Jobs that AI Could Create

Types of New Jobs that AI Could Create

1. AI Ethicist:

With AI increasingly embedded in our everyday lives, the need for ethical considerations becomes paramount. AI ethicists tackle the complex task of developing and implementing ethical frameworks to guide the creation and deployment of AI systems. They will analyze the social and moral consequences of AI technology and ensure its responsible use. These professionals will play a vital role in addressing the ethical dilemmas that arise as AI becomes more pervasive.

2. AI Content Creator Jobs:

AI content creator jobs are one of the most aspiring jobs now also in the future. As AI algorithms mature and become more sophisticated, they are increasingly being employed to generate content, whether it’s articles, blogs, or even creative works. AI content creator will work alongside AI algorithms, leveraging their capabilities to enhance their creative output.

These professionals will combine their unique insights, creativity, and domain expertise to ensure AI-generated content aligns with human preferences and requirements.

3. AI Data Analyst:

Data is the fuel that propels AI forward. While AI systems can process vast amounts of information, human expertise is necessary to understand and interpret the data. AI data analysts possess the skills to analyze AI-generated data, draw meaningful insights, and make informed decisions based on the patterns and trends discovered.

They bridge the gap between AI and human intelligence, ensuring accurate and valuable data interpretation.

4. AI Trainer:

AI systems require massive volumes of labeled and structured data to learn effectively. AI trainers are responsible for preparing and refining datasets used to train AI algorithms. Their role involves identifying and categorizing relevant data and ensuring its quality and accuracy.

AI trainers play a critical role in improving the performance and effectiveness of AI models, laying the groundwork for their successful deployment in various industries.

5. AI Product Manager:

As AI technology permeates various sectors, AI product managers will be essential in overseeing the development and launch of AI-powered products and services. These professionals will possess a deep understanding of both AI technology and the target industry.

They will work cross-functionally with various teams, including engineers, designers, and marketers, to ensure the successful development, testing, and commercialization of AI products that address specific industry needs.

6. AI model and prompt engineers

An AI prompt engineer writes questions for chatbots to test and improve their answers. This gig, which pays as much as $375,000 per year, could be “the job of 2024,” James Neave, head of data science for the job search engine Adzuna, previously said.


The rapid advancement of AI technology promises to create new job roles, fostering exciting career prospects for individuals interested in AI-based jobs, data science, and new technology roles. The emergence of AI ethicists, AI content creators, AI data analysts, AI trainers, and AI product managers reflects the growing need for expert human input in optimizing and guiding AI systems in our society. Embracing these emerging careers can provide opportunities to make a meaningful impact in an increasingly AI-driven world.


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